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Pro2Call IQ is a contact center built for dentists by dentists to solve your phone issues once and for all.

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A partnership between

a dentist & an entrepreneur means growth for your practice

Dr. Charles Schof has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years, and Andrew Cutliff has been creating and operating businesses for more than 35 years, many in service industries. While brainstorming solutions to a staffing issue in Dr.  Schof's front desk team, partial outsourcing of phone calls seemed like the logical choice, but Dr.  Schof's  patients know and are known by the front desk team, and Dr.  Schof wasn’t willing to give up that personal attention, which he recognizes as an important component to his practice’s success.  Andrew knew from his retail businesses that customer service is frequently what distinguishes a good business from and outstanding growing business. These two partners combined their different skill sets to create Pro2call iQ, a business that supports the growth of its clients practices by delivering outstanding experiences to their patients.  To help create that experience they turned to industry authority, Sandy Pardue, for guidance.

Andrew Cutliff, JD Tulane Law (L) and
Charles Schof, DDS LSU (R).

what we do

inbound calls

Whether your front desk staff needs extra help during peak call hours, when their assisting patients in the office, or after hours, we pick up the calls when your front office staff cannot.

Outbound Confirmations

Make sure your schedule is always accurate.  We can confirm appointments in advance, reschedule when needed, and help you fill last minute holes in the schedule.


Patients don’t always know when they need to follow up, but we can check in with patients on their recare and schedule appointments.


When your front office staff doesn’t have time to contact lapsed patients leave it to us. We have the knowledge and experience to draw your patients back to your practice.

Insurance Verification

Insurance verification can eat up your staff’s time.  Let us handle it so your in-house team can focus on in-office patients.

New Patient Onboarding

New patients need special treatment. Pro2Call iQ specialists are trained on answering “new patient” questions and helping these new patients become practice loyalists.

Post-Op Calls

We can follow-up with patients after treatment, ensure their post-op is going as planned and schedule follow-up appointments when necessary.

Accounts Receivable

We can follow up with insurance companies and patients on outstanding amounts due, and free your team to focus on new income while we collect the outstanding amounts.

team trained by

sandy Pardue

of Classic Practice Resources, is one of dentistry’s most respected Dental Practice Management consultants and lecturers.  Sandy has worked with over 25 years with dental practices on improving customer service, efficiency and effectiveness in practices. Sandy’s phone strategies and protocols are behind Pro2Call iQs high standards.

Phone Protocols

Sandy set the high bar
for phone protocols at Pro2Call iQ, and led the team through the training required to meet that personal, interactive customer service standard.

Phone Training

All of our operators go through Sandy's industry leading Phone training to ensure that your patients always have the best experience.

Every Call. Every Time.

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Free your front desk

Your front office team was hired to be the face of your practice by greeting and helping patients before, during and after their appointments.  Free them from divided attention so they can enhance the in-office experience while Pro2Call iQ answers the phone.

Grow Your Practice

Let us help by answering calls that would have been missed, filling openings in your schedule and converting shoppers into patients.  In addition, Pro2Call iQ saves you time and money in hiring, training and managing staff you only need during peak and/or fluctuating hours.  We save you having to focus on scheduling staff, so you can focus on your practice and patients.

Seamless Integration

Whatever your needs, Pro2Call iQ is fully equipped to integrate seamlessly with your practice’s existing systems. Just let us know how we can help.

Not just another Call center.
It's a personal extension of your Dental practice.

Pro2Call iQ was founded by a dentist, which means we understand the challenges of owning a dental practice. We’re here to help with what you need when you need it.

  • Want help with overflow calls?
    We can do that.
  • Want help with only confirmation calls?
    We can do that.
  • Want help with vacation coverage and after hours?
    We can do that.
  • Can’t find time for reactivations?
    We can do that.
  • Need help with after ours leads?
    We can do that.
  • Need help with appointment confirmations?
    We can do that.

The phone is a gateway to Your Practice.
Partner with Pro2call iQ; it’s Every Call. Every Time.

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Simply the best

Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest. You could do this with a headline or slogan.

James Blake


Office Manager, Mandeville, LA

"Pro2call iQ has not only increased the productivity of our daily operations, it has enhanced our patient experience. On days we are closed, during lunch breaks and when multiple calls come in at the same time, we are no longer missing calls! Recare Calls and Insurance Verifications are now a breeze."

Dr. L., Lafayette, LA

"Our practice has been with Pro2Call IQ from the start. They are the perfect solution for our short-staffed front office. Pro2Call IQ professionally answers incoming calls and schedules directly into our practice software. They also complete insurance verification for us which is a huge time saver. Pro2Call IQs services are invaluable to our success!"

Sandy Pardue, Classic Practice Resources

"I've found Pro2Call IQ has gotten it right. They have highly skilled and trained agents focused on helping practices minimize inefficiencies, maximize profits and enhance the patient experience, making it one of the best in the business."

Did You Know?

The typical dental practice misses 33% of all incoming calls:

Calls that come in before or after hours of operation, over weekends, during lunch, on days the practice is closed or when the front desk team is too busy to answer.

When those calls go to voicemail, 73% of the callers hang up without leaving a message.

Did You Know?

87% of potential new patients that don’t reach a live person when calling a practice
will call a different practice instead of leaving a message or calling back later.

Did You Know?

A busy practice misses 4-6 new patient calls a month.
The average income per patient to a practice in a 16 month period is $1200-$1400.
A typical practice is missing thousands of dollars every year
just from missed new patient calls.

Did You Know?

The retention rate at a typical practice is 50%.

Did You Know?

Only 48% of Americans go to a dentist every year.

Did You Know?

The opportunity to grow your practice is enormous. Let us help!

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